Restaurants With Vegan Options in Los Angeles


Don’t assume that just because you, or the person you like to eat with, expelled meat from their menu, doesn’t mean that you have to eat grass and wild mushrooms with sweet potatoes which happen to be gluten-free.

Even though plant-based food represents the only option for vegetarians and vegans, this doesn’t mean that the meals have to be tasteless. The restaurants on our list include places which are vegetarian, entirely vegan-friendly and a couple of extra ones which offer plants on plates.

We took a different approach here, instead of asking whether or not a certain place represents an excellent vegetarian restaurant; we decided to judge these places just like we would do at any other non-vegetarian ones. Does the food they serve actually taste good? You are paying for your meal. Therefore you deserve to enjoy each bite.

Kismet (Middle Eastern and the Mediterranean in Los Feliz)


This is the kind of restaurant you want to come and chill at, while slowly taking your time on picking the dish. The central theme of this place is fresh and interesting Middle-Eastern food.

The vast majority of Kismet’s guests like to order flaky bread with labneh and honey, persimmon and cucumber salad and broccoli toast. However, this restaurant isn’t all about the veggies. There are some options for those meat lovers, but we have decided to skip that this time and focus on vegan food more.

Kismet Falafel (Mediterranean, Sandwiches, Fast Food and Vegetarian in Downtown LA)

It would be kind of a stretch if we call Kismet Falafel a restaurant. This is because it’s more like a stall in Grand Central Market. However, this place just happens to be one of our favorite places in town if you are in search of great vegetarian options.

As the name itself says, at this place, the falafel is something worth driving across town, even if you get stuck in that traffic jam. We also enjoy a good portion of tangy green sandwich filled with cauliflower and fennel. And here is our little secret piece of advice: every time you come here, order sumac soda and beet, do this even if you hate beets. We guarantee the best taste in the world and don’t worry about this tasting like dirt because it will not.

Plant Food And Wine (Vegetarian in Venice)


Just in case you feel guilty about eating too many stakes in front of your vegan significant other, you may want to make it up for doing so. Plant Food and Wine is the best way to go. Just take a ride or a stroll down the Abbot Kinney quiet end and relax in a white dining room which is leading to the stunning patio.

As for the food here, we have to say that even though it is pretty creative, it’s not the best choice in case you like to eat meat and want to take your vegan partner or friend to enjoy the meal together. It’s hard to find something suitable which you will actually like in Plant Food and Wine.

The best thing we have tried here was the vegan cheese platter combined with some chickpea soup. However, this isn’t that good, but not on the awful side as well.

Hasiba (Middle Eastern in Pico Robertson)

On a quiet street of Pico lies a small hummisya with some fantastic hummus. After you order it at the counter, find a place to sit on the patio or at the big communal table. Then you will have so much fun trying to make room on this big table for little plates you ordered to come out.

However, you shouldn’t stop at these four offered types of hummus. Try the sandwiches, excellent side salad, shakshuka, or the eggplant-filled Sabish house-made pita. In case you are a vegetarian and want to bring along your carnivorous friend with you, or vice versa, you should know that Hasiba isn’t the best choice. Every single dish here is vegetarian.

Botanica (Mediterranean and American in Silver Lake)

If you get sick and tired of your constant-whining friends complaining about how they don’t get enough protein when you choose the restaurant, take them to Botanica. Here, your meat eaters can find plenty of their goodies on the menu. This should shut them up while you get to focus on your tasty veggies.

The dishes do change seasonally. We suggest you start with some exceptional beet cocktails and tasty crudets. This makes an excellent brunch option as well, mostly because the Botanica’s Turkish and Bloody eggs match perfectly with garlicky yogurt. And, yes, this restaurant also serves bacon.

Shojin (Vegetarian in Little Tokyo)

Shojin (Vegetarian in Tokyo)

If you like to eat fish, Shojin offers some amazing vegan sushi. The only reason this restaurant works so well is that they aren’t trying to trick you into thinking that your vegan scallop roll is an actual scallop. The owners of Shojin are keeping it real.

Once you sit at the dining table, there is no way that only one round will do. After the initial one, you will find yourself craving for some more of that delicious tofu-centric rolls and mushrooms. At this point, you will probably find a revelation that vegan food is so much more than some fake vegetables and meat.

Samosa House Santa Monica (Indian and Vegetarian in Venice)

This restaurant represents a mini-Westside empire, in not just one, but two locations. Samosa House is located in Santa Monica and Silver Lake. This is a must-visit if you are searching for a casual vegetarian dinner or lunch.

You just walk in, head straight to the counter, and ask for the combination of three items, or as they like to call this — the three-item-combo. You will receive rice, naan, and entrees which are continually changing, but you can choose your favorite one. Just in case they have smoky cauliflower curry, do not pass on this one, it is proven to be the best one out there!

Crossroads Kitchen (Vegetarian in West Hollywood)

Crossroads-Kitchen Hollywood

The main issue we have with vegan restaurants nowadays is the fact that they feel exactly like you’d expect them to be, if this makes any sense. To elaborate a bit, the vast majority of them places zero effort to think outside the box, or even if they do, the ideas are not so successful.

We mention this here because Crossroads Kitchen represents a genuine refreshment in an endless sea of faceless vegan restaurants. They have the steak house vibes, but as it happens, they do not actually serve stake. Do you see the irony? It’s precious.

This spot in West Hollywood became the necessity for classy vegan dining. If all that we listed as a positive thing about the Crossroads Kitchen sounds tempting, hop in your car, ride a bit through Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, or walk until you successfully awakened your appetite. Head to this trendy restaurant and order some cheese plate, artichoke oysters or the meatball sub. Don’t worry; it’s not real meat in those balls. The brunch options are great as well.

The Butcher’s Daughter (Vegetarian, American in Venice)

In case you are a vegan, not a vegetarian, the choice of the best restaurant is even harder. Especially if you want to have some sweet and tasty brunch, without just a bunch of sides being tossed on your pricey plate.

Well, here are some great news — the Butcher’s Daughter has an impressive and fun brunch with all kinds of interesting dishes. For instance, BLT with bacon which is actually made of beans, or spaghetti carbonara which won’t make you question whether or not you just paid some extra cash just to eat cardboard.

The place is Abbot Kinney, so prepare yourself to step into the crowd. However, after a couple of glasses of this restaurant’s Saucy Bubbles wine, the crowd will be long forgotten.

Cafe Gratitude (Vegetarian in Larchmont)

Gratitude cafe

Even though we have some issues with the name being laughable and the whole place on the borderline of being insufferable; there is a good reason this restaurant has several locations in the city.

In a nutshell, the food is far better than you would think. We suggest you stick to the juices and salads before starting with kelp noodles and black bean patties.

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro (Vegetarian in Echo Park)

Who wants to spend their time at the beer garden when you have a vegan/bistro/brewery in Echo Park? The food here is excellent. Sage Organic Vegan Bistro has a cute bar-style food such as buffalo wings and carnitas. Actually, carnitas are jackfruit, and the wings are cauliflower, but, hey, you decided to go green and vegan, so stick to it.

The Los Angeles location isn’t the only one since there are places in Pasadena and Culver City as well. Each restaurant is crowded from the opening hours to closing time.

Elf Cafe (Vegetarian and Mediterranean in Echo Park)

Sounds like something out of the Lord of the Rings world, doesn’t it? Well, sorry ladies and some particular gentleman, no Legolas in sight. It’s a shame. We believe Orlando Bloom with full costume could attract some attention. However, there is no need for it, since Elf Cafe is doing just fine without him.

For over a decade now, this restaurant has been present, with its high-quality Mediterranean vegetarian food. In this fine establishment, you can find everything from a vegetarian bolognese to a tahini avocado. By the way, the vast majority of dishes here can be made to be vegan as well. Elf Cafe also provides some fine all-natural wines.

Rahel (Ethiopian in Fairfax)

rahel Restaurant

Rahel is the best vegan choice along Fairfax Little Ethiopia strip. It is one of the best places on the entire street. If you pay them a visit, make sure to taste the yemitin shiro wat (basically a chickpea). Also if you swing by at 11 a.m. you can stay on a vegan buffet which ends at 3 p.m.

We all know just how large the city of Los Angeles is. Naturally, there are more vegan and vegetarian options in Studio City, but this time we wanted to present you with these fourteen ones. We are positive that you will be satisfied with each one of them. Hurry up, satisfy those veggie cravings you are feeling, because no matter which one you pick, you will enjoy and have a blast with discovering new food houses.

This was our list of restaurants with vegan options in Los Angeles. There isn’t much to say at this point, other than that we wish you a good appetite and, just like those French people and Katy Perry like to say — Bon appetit!

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