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Dance on Events

Aren’t we all in need of occasional romantic dining and dancing out on the town? Just like we’re used to seeing on romantic comedies, every perfect date begins with a sweet and private dinner and finishes with a dance. That is where our favourite protagonists like to show off their dance moves and knowledge of wines. So what do you need to have that special place where you can go and experience the Hollywood-stye scenario evening?

First of all, you need a place that has excellent food and drinks so that you can eat, drink, and dance while live music performs. A restaurant and a bar you can feel both tucked in while you eat but wild when you decide to dance. We will focus on restaurants with cocktail bars and craft beer in Washington for now.

Sax (American, Bar and Cabaret)

Restourant Sax (American, Bar and Cabaret)

Sax offers an impressive interior. Clearly, the designers had done an excellent job. All over the place, there is a dash of luxury and extravagance. Sax, Washington, is all about great entertainment, service, and opulence. This is a truly rare mixture of theatre and dinner.

The cuisine has our compliments, with it serving modern American dishes. For starters, try some gorgonzola and truffle fondue or a Caesar salad. After this, you can enjoy some all-American grill meals, like New York Strip steak oscar style. The food is actually pretty decent, but the atmosphere of Sax is the main attribute which attracts guests.

Here, you get to enjoy craft cocktails with continuous live theatre and cabaret. Sax hosts professional dancers, from contortionists to pole ballet and regional aerialists. All you have to do to witness the show is to make reservations to grab a bite.

Sax also offers late-night DJ performances, so this is both entertainment and bottle service.

And after you begin your dinner, the evening will be enhanced with an unusual ballet-meets-burlesque-meets-Cirque-du-Soleil type of live entertainment.

Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar (Cuban, Caribbean, Music Venues)

Restaurant Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar

The first location of Cuba Libre was opened in 2000 in Philadelphia. This gave the guests an entrance to the intriguing culture and flavours of Cuba. The name of this place carries a bold statement — “free Cuba,” which symbolises hope for this island nation’s future.

There are many distinctive ethnicities which were infused together, only to generate the prevalent home-style cuisine of the island, better known as Criollo. The dishes are traditional, blending the Cuban ingredients and South American traditions. Spain, Asia, Africa, and several others have had some influence on Cuba Libre’s menu as well.

After you finish your delicious meal, you can rest with a glass of quality wine or some cocktail. And when it all settles in your belly, it’s time to be a bachata superstar. Sway your hips in a hot Latino way and show off your moves to the guests of Cuba Libre. If you happen to be a bull in a china shop, don’t worry about it too much — just do the best you can. Besides, the embarrassing moments don’t last for too long, and they make memories which you can laugh about for the rest of your life.

Cuba Libre is placed on the corner of the 9th and H Streets in the Penn Quarter of Washington DC. It is straight across the City Center. However, the restaurant does not have its private parking, so if you plan to drive there, be prepared to leave your car somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Georgetown Piano Bar (Music Venues, Piano Bars, American)

Bar Georgetown Piano Bar

As the owners of Georgetown Piano Bar claim, the ultimate purpose of this place is to create an environment which is inviting and enveloping, combined with the place that offers quality music to their guests.

The whole bar is set up to circle around the piano, looking like a straightforward centrepiece. If you choose to visit Georgetown Piano Bar, get ready to enjoy some world-class live entertainment showcasing pianists, Spencer Bates, and Hunter Lang. One more interesting option at Georgetown Piano Bar is that you have an opportunity for a solo performance yourself, just in case your fingers start to itch.

This place offers a Happy Hour, which lasts until 7 p.m. each day. But let’s get one thing straight — if you enjoy quality music combined with a pianist’s infectious sense of humour, this is the right place for you. People who enjoy some classy and refined wine, dining, and dancing are going to love it here. However, the younger audience with little to no patience may not find Georgetown Piano Bar to be as thrilling as some wiser and more experienced guests would.

As for the food, it is modern American cuisine. Actually, we have enjoyed its buffalo wings and ate one too many, but who’s counting calories in such a pleasant environment? There is also a tavern’s special white pizza which is to die for. Additionally, you can have a sandwich with a modern twist in case you are like Joey Tribiani, and you don’t like to share food! Turkey bacon with cheddar wrap is our recommendation, and we have to highlight the fact that the prices are excellent in comparison to the quality itself.

And there you go — we have reached the end. However, we have to mention that all three of these restaurants, bars, and dance floors have the option to be rent for some important events like birthdays, weddings, team buildings, etc. The bottom line is that you don’t have to be the best dancer in the world to enjoy those catchy tunes.

We believe that there is a certain magic in the whole eat, drink, and dance concept. Restaurants where you can eat and dance are not necessarily good and recommendable simply because they offer such options. Just like a solid voice doesn’t create a superstar, an excellent place to eat food and dance has to possess specific energy and appealing vibes.

The three options we offered have that X factor, which makes you feel welcomed and free. So what should you do next? Hit the road and head up to one of those places — we guarantee you’ll have a good time, and your belly will be more than thankful to you that evening. So pack your dance shoes and prepare to be dazzled!

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